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Mobile applications for navigation

Apps for navigation

Apps for navigation

Applications for mobile devices have become very useful tools for navigation. A large number of apps have been developed for sailors: marine charts, weather advice and forecasting, boating safety, etc. We have selected some of the best apps for sailors and boaters:

Navionics. An easy and intuitive charting App. It is available both in free and paid version. The free version lets you try your charts before your purchase. Useful features like tracking, routing, distance, markers, wind forecasts and more can be enjoyed regardless of a chart purchase. It allows you to use your mobile device as an authentic plotter, with the advantages of being able to move around the boat or planning information from anywhere.

WhetherPro. A powerful weather application developed by Meteogroup. It gives you effective weather reports for planning your day on the water. It features high-quality weather forecasts for over two million locations worldwide every three hours and for the next seven days.

Maritime Rescue: Boating Safety (this app is only in Spanish). A safety guide with information on how to act in compromising situations and how to reduce risks. It offers several sections: Before Sailing, While Browsing, Emergency, Environment, Water activities, Salvage, Regulations, Coordination Centers and Deployment of the fleet, which provide detailed explanations and helpful tips for all boaters.

DragAlarm. With this Anchor Drag Alarm you can anchor safe and relax on your boat while it stands guard and alerts you if your anchor is dragging. Unlike the Apps described above, which are available in both Apple and Google´s stores, this application is only available for Apple devices. The developer, Marinus, has two other useful and easy-to-use applications: BearinPilot and Marinus ColRegs.